From origins in 2002, we have grown into a multi-faceted branding studio, catering for design, digital printing, signage and branding solutions.
Our expertise lies in technical knowledge of various production processes, wielding this as our core asset in refining our clients' needs.

Shailendra Rawatlal is the founder and Creative Director of Orb8 Arts.
While studying at ML Sultan Technical College, he simultaneously began working the “nightshift” at Colorwork Repro House in Durban. This position helped pave the way for Apple computers being introduced into the college.

After working at various national agencies, he moved up to Johannesburg to run the Design Department at Target International Design & Advertising.
With the experience gained, he finally began his own company as a freelancer until it became official.

Shailen has been in the industry for over 2 decades with vast experience in conceptualising, campaigns, marketing strategies, photo-shoots, above and below the line advertising productions and production processes.
Our ultimate goal is to create a one-stop brand-house that caters for small to large productions runs. Instead of outsourcing, we are steadily acquiring new machinery to handle something as small as pen branding to something as large as building wraps.
We are continuously researching new products, technologies, resources and suppliers to be able to provide customers with cutting edge solutions at more affordable prices.

Whatever your needs, we will find a way to provide a solution for you.

Our staff is nurtured into thinking independantly and evolving to the point where they may set up their own businesses.

We have already sent a few members for training in vinyl application for vehicle wraps, etc.
Informal training such as wiring of lightboxes, happens in-house where everyone learns from each other.

Staff members are encouraged to use our computer facilities to learn the various software and hardware that we have. As we purchase new machinery, proper training is provided to access all production capabilities.